Front Office

How it works


Our staff is specialized in Customer Care and, if required, is trained on the technical aspects of your business.


Customer Care, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction services oriented towards immediate management of customer requests or sending reports and tickets to the competent departments.

Welcome Call

We contact newly contracted customers to welcome them to your company. On request, we check  the effective sign up of new customers.


We respond to your calls by taking note of all requests and information and then forward them to you in a structured manner and in order of urgency / importance.


We manage on your behalf the helpline and / or numbers for reports and requests for assistance, providing customers with the key information

Our Front-Office services allow you to add value to every contact with your customers. Our staff is specialized in establishing effective relationships with customers, increasing their loyalty and brand awareness.



You pay  only for the resources you really need and you can easily manage work peaks, seasonality.


Full operativity guaranteed, without interruptions due to holidays, illnesses and permits. Our encryption protocols and backup systems are highly effective and secure .


You will always have a single point of contact for all your activities and you can supervise performance and results in real time.