Back Office

How it works


One of our professionals collects your requirements and coordinates with you the plan of activities. You will always have a sole contact person for all your activities and you can supervise performance and results in real time.


We select and train the professional resources that best suit your needs and prepare the technological and communication infrastructure.


We carry out the activities  in close collaboration with your staff, reporting daily the worked hours and the results achieved.


By contacting your link person, you can increase or decrease working hours, change schedules and activities, or request any other variations.


You can select a back office resource for any type of activity that can be carried out at the terminal: data entry, accounting, order entry, web programming and development, email supervision and much more.

Easy Communication Backoffice solutions include all the clerical activities that can be carried out with a computer: from order entry and invoice recording to document scanning and archiving, from accounting to management control and much more. Our staff is highly specialized and can use both our software and the software present in your company.



You pay at competitive prices only for the resources you really need and only when you need them


You can manage work peaks, seasonality and unavailability in real time


Full operativity guaranteed, without interruptions due to holidays, illnesses and permits